The final moving of the chess pieces. Final betrayals, new alliances. The sides now are clearly drawn. How to get to Earth and who goes.

Cavil's Massive amalgamated Base Ship approaches the outer limit of Sol's planetary system, the vessel is enornous and its appearance now resembles a sea urchin, spikey appendages protrude in all directions and form a sphere of points.

Inside Cavil's Base Ship he stands with arms folded looking down upon five Hybrids arrayed in a star pattern, their heads toward the center.

Speaking with one combined voice they intone, "The precipice is reached. Focal point in sight. All are enemies. Enemies within and without. Death beckons. The stream at its end."

A Leoben steps forward near Cavil, "This is what I warned you about."

Cavil ignores him, staring intently at the Hybrids, who all seem to have fallen into a waking sleep, their eyelids all fluttering.

"We cannot make war upon our own. You must stop. You will doom us all," Leoben pleads.

Cavil replies, "You came to us freely, knowing what we'll do to you. There is no turning back now."

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