BATTLESTAR: VARIANT 1 is fan fiction which continues the story from where we left off in the Revelations episode and ignores the rest of the terrible Season 4 and the awful ending.

After the lame "god did it" angels-on-my-Battlestar close to the series, my version is needed now more than ever. My version is science fiction and I created this for the true fans of the show since I had a sneaking suspicion since
the end of Season 2 and the announcement there would be no Season 5 that an alternate would be needed to satisfy the fan disappointment.

Click on the Read More jump to read the entire episode post from where it cuts off (scroll down after jump and look for >>>>>> [Continued] to pick up the story and [Revised] for new adds). Enjoy.

Not Earth but Centauri. Roslin is the Fifth. Cavil seeks to kill them all. Lord Iblis returns. Good battles evil. The Lords of Kobol are made real. The fleet is torn asunder. The virus which kills the Cylons is pivotal to who makes it to Earth and who doesn't. What the Cylon perception of the repeating cycles of time means. Earth at last, where new 'gods' are born. 

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