I know how to seamlessly integrate a new BSG ending with the show we got with no loss of integrity. The ending most of us did not like can be jettisoned without asking the audience to ignore it. C'mon, Ron Moore, I'll apologize for all the abuse and criticism I've heaped upon you if you'll work to assemble the creative team and actors for a 6-part miniseries to properly end this great show with the ending it needs. There's been enough time, and your other projects have floundered a bit, so you need a hit. Revisit BSG. I've provided the outline to the eps and fleshed out some of them below. The transition is the hard part - pulling away from the version out there in the marketplace to the new one. Here's how:

Ext. Burned out planet (Revelations episode).

CAMERA CRANES DOWN onto the setting as Tigh, Adama, Roslin, D'Anna, Six, Baltar, Lee, Athena, Dualla, Chief, Helo, Kara and others are somber as they sit or mill about - contemplating the ruins of this destroyed planet. CAMERA PUSHES IN and weaves between our characters until

WE PUSH IN on SIX's face. She is in a trance-like state - staring ahead toward the water, her thoughts internal, her eyes looking nowhere.

EX CLOSE on Six, then PUSH IN to her eye, into the iris, blackness


We see a tumultuous whirl of images - a composite of stills and moving images from the remainder of the series as it aired, up to the explosion of the Colony. We hear a VOICE

Six. SIX.


Six snaps out of it as D'Anna shakes her a bit by her shoulders. A moment of silence - D'Anna peers as Six's consciousness and focus come back to her.

Where were you?

I saw ... I saw ... I don't what I saw

You've been on your own for quite a while. Maybe it's time
you spent some time on the Base Ship with your sisters and got
your head together. Cavil will be coming, and we've got to sort out
why we all ended up at this burned-out husk of a world and what
we do next.

Six looks over to where Kara sits alone - pensive and sad, immersed in her own contemplation.

She brought us here for some reason. There is a reason.

D'Anna looks over at Kara.

That is one messed-up human ... or whatever she is.

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BATTLESTAR: VARIANT 1 is fan fiction which continues the story from where we left off in the Revelations episode and ignores the rest of the terrible Season 4 and the awful ending.

After the lame "god did it" angels-on-my-Battlestar close to the series, my version is needed now more than ever. My version is science fiction and I created this for the true fans of the show since I had a sneaking suspicion since
the end of Season 2 and the announcement there would be no Season 5 that an alternate would be needed to satisfy the fan disappointment.

Click on the Read More jump to read the entire episode post from where it cuts off (scroll down after jump and look for >>>>>> [Continued] to pick up the story and [Revised] for new adds). Enjoy.

Not Earth but Centauri. Roslin is the Fifth. Cavil seeks to kill them all. Lord Iblis returns. Good battles evil. The Lords of Kobol are made real. The fleet is torn asunder. The virus which kills the Cylons is pivotal to who makes it to Earth and who doesn't. What the Cylon perception of the repeating cycles of time means. Earth at last, where new 'gods' are born. 

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