All images are the property of either Sci-Fi Channel, NBC-Universal or their respective owners. This blog is for the purpose of "fan fiction" - the creation and dissemination of written fiction based upon the copyrighted (and possibly trademarked) television program Battlestar Galactica owned by NBC-Universal. This is a fan site with no commercial interest and exists as a blog to make public comment about art in the public marketplace (in this case in the form of at times critical and satirical fan fiction) and all Fair Use statutes apply. This site's author will make no claim for the material presented here other than the automatic copyright. Taken in the context of the other related blogs (also by this site's author), Last Cylon, Galactica Variants, and BSG Last Supper, clearly the intent is criticism, analysis, satire (subtle for the most part), and comment in the form of fiction. This site is clearly labeled as fan fiction. For a link to information regarding fan fiction within the United States and the law please follow this Wikipedia link.

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