Finally we learn what the Cylons mean by their refain, "All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again." The handful of remaining Cylons who have joined with humans and made it to Earth are awakened spiritually and the grand design becomes clear to all.

The Raptor descends through the mist and sets down on soggy green earth at the edge of a large pond lined with trees. The Raptor shuts down and its door opens. It is still and silent all around as Roslin emerges and looks around. "This is the place," she says as Tigh and Anders struggle to haul the Hybrid out of the Raptor, her body in thick bag filled with milky fluid. "Quickly," Roslin motions as the all pitch in now and awkwardly haul the bag down to the waters edge and into the pond they go. Roslin gently unzips the bag and the Hybrid reacts as if feeling a great chill as the waters of the pond mingle with her fluid. The Hybrid begins to gasp and panic. "Put your hands on her," Roslin says pleadingly and Tigh and Anders do so. Together their touch calms the Hybrid and she adjusts to the water as they gently pull her into deeper water. The Hybrid's eyes become lucid and filled with color and health, "Lords of Kobol, I bind with this world now, as shall you." Roslin gently cries, Anders seems to take in the weight of the moment and Tigh seems a bit overwhelmed by it all.

They gently release her and the Hybrid sinks slowly beneath the water's surface. They stand there in the cool mist surrounded by silence for moment, realizing the finality of what has been done. First Tigh notices, then they all do, that emerging from the forest thicket around the lake are primitive people clothed in animal skins and carrying crude weapons. They head back to the Raptor, the forest people seem frightened and back away into the forest, not quite out of sight but almost - watching as Roslin, Tigh and Anders board the Raptor.

"It's for them that we do it," says Roslin. "They seem quite primitive here," Tigh says. "There seems to be less developed civilization in these northern latitudes - but this green island is where she chose."

The Raptor door closes and the vessel powers up and takes off.

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